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Alhambra Coin Center is a pillar of the national numismatic community, transcending markets by continually updating our products and expanding into new fields in order to provide our clients with the best products available.  Vital keys to Alhambra Coin Center’s success of nearly 40 years are the founder’s core values of integrity, expert knowledge, and client care. 

Market Report

The market report will highlight insights from our experts as they share investment and marketing strategies in the numismatic industry.

 Updated: March,2013


Welcome to Alhambra Coin Center’s new and dynamic website!  This area is where we will be posting fascinating and often humorous stories from our staff experts.  I’ve collected more anecdotes than I can count over the course of my forty-five years of experience as a rare coin dealer, and fondly call them my “Musings of a Dinosaur".